HulkGram | Usernames Hunter and Validator

The #1 and Only Telegram Usernames Filter and Validator with a Super Speed and No BAN
The only Tool in the world which allows you to:
Validate, Check, Filter and Hunt Valid and inValid Usernames in a bulk way without using any Account or Session.

IT is not Just a Telegram Tool.. It is A Hulk IDEA.



1- No Session or Token:
Validate unlimited number of usernames without any Telegram Accounts Required

  • No Tokens Required
  • No Sessions Required
  • No BAN or Risks

2- No Delay or Waiting:
No Delay or Waiting between each operation Required.

3- Bulk Import:
Bulk Import Usenames list(s) from any Text file and without Telegram link required.

4- Bulk Export to Excel:

  • Export Valid usernames to Excel File CSV
  • Export Names for Each Valid usernames to Excel File CSV
  • Export InValid usernames to Excel File CSV

5- Light Tool and Speed:
Notime need or delay to validate multi list, import and click start immediately

A Small tool; gives you a valuable results and time saver.







Changelog & Update History

V 2.0 | 05.12.2022<br />- Software Code Light to be more fast.<br />- Speed up Process.
V 1.1 | 03.12.2022<br />- Bug Fixing.
V 1.0 | 02.12.2022
- Software Official Launch.

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