Excel File – View & Merge & Export is an excel operations toolbox. It also automates the Excel file merging process, which is a laborious process in various business areas. It is in the form of an exe file. There are 2 different exe files in the package for 64 bit and 32 bit Windows Operating System.

It offers various operation options after the process that starts by selecting the directory where the files are located. These are: viewing, combining excel files and outputting in certain formats. It offers a handy interface to convert to file easily.
You can find the final file named final.xlsx, which is the output of the merge operations, in the directory where the files you selected are located. Other designations are based on the reference file name.

Note that the runtime of the program will increase when dealing with large files and/or large numbers of files.

Document with detailed explanation is included in the package.

I am open to any questions and suggestions about the program.

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