What is Email Validation?
Email Validation is a method of verifying if an email address is valid and deliverable. It also confirms if an email address has a reliable domain such as Gmail
Benefits of Email Validation
You need to validate your email list before executing an email marketing campaign because:
Email delivery increases,
Email deliverability improves,
A high sender score is maintained,
Cost per user decreases,
ROI increases,
The efficiency of your email program maximizes,
Conversion rate will be higher (opens and clicks).
EmailsAPP Filter & Validator is a safe tool to filter your emails to check which Emails have an active valid or invalid Emails, before sending their campaigns.
EmailsAPP provides two programs one of them is a filter program to filter out wrong and correct email and a validator program that checks email from google
It gives you 100% correct results.
The solution allows you to load your list of emails from a Text file, and you export results to TXT file or Excel File.
You can export the valid or invalid Emails or both as one separated.
You can also choose which browser you prefer: Firefox or Chrome(Last Version 97 + Anti-Robot Driver Mode)/
Emails Filter & Validator allows users to Filter a Bulk List of Emails for any country in a very simple way.

  • Validate bulk lists of Emails
  • Validate any Emails from any country
  • Send single/Multiple attachment
  • Anti-Robot Driver Mode for Chrome
  • Export Result in Excel or Text File Format
  • Support Last version of Chrome(v97)

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