Email Extractor Scraper Tool


Email Extractor is a Windows desktop application that provides the most accurate results and make you scrape emails from any website.
It give you the following features :

  • Extract all emails addresses from any website.
  • Web Crawling : Enter website address. The tool then start to find all URL of the website and scrape email address from all URLs. It can extract encoded email too.
  • Bulk URL Crawling : Upload your URL from a text file. Start scraping all URL. The tool then start to scrape email from all URL you have uploaded.
  • Extract Email using a library that parse page elements according to tag names in the HTML document.
  • Processing all URLs found in the provide website to extract the maximum of emails.
  • Extract emails from a large list of websites at once.
  • Download the extracted email addresses in a .TXT file or .CSV file.
  • Builded with python.

It also allows you to import a text file, of websites and after the checking is finished, you can download the extracted email addresses in a .TXT file or .CSV file.
It is one of the fastest tool that’s helps you to do web scraping, you can quickly build a high-quality email list.

How to use it

To use this email extractor, simply enter the URL of the web site in this format ( or ( that you want extract emails from, and then click on the “Extract Emails” button. The results will be displayed instantly.
Another choice is to extract emails from a list of websites at once, all you have to do is to upload a file text by clicking on the button “Upload List” and wait the process to finish and then you can download your high-quality email list.

Installation Process

You will Receive only Software .exe for Windows, Code is not Included.
First of all run EmailExtractor.exe then after submitting your Purchase Code in the first interface you will have access to the app.
For any support or if you find any issue let me know.

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