Whatsapp Automation ( Whatsapp Suite 360)

Software Features :

Whatsapp Suite360 tool is a Business purpose Software specially designed to automate the WhatsApp sending and improves the productivity of the teams with cut-edge technology.

  • Bulk Contact Import/Export
  • Whatsapp Number Filter
  • Automatic Sending
  • Auto Replay (self Customization )
  • Group scraper
  • Media/caption Support
  • Sending Report
  • No Sending Limit
  • Read & reply through Software
  • Number Generator & filter country wise

Whatsapp Suite 360 is a Whatsapp Marketing software that help you to grow your sales and automate Whatsapp marketing.

Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Automation - Unlimited sending Tool - 1

Simple 4 Steps to Start Whatsapp Marketing

Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Automation - Unlimited sending Tool - 2

Step 2 : Import Mobile Numbers ( self contact , file upload, number genrator , group scraper )

Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Automation - Unlimited sending Tool - 3

Step 3 : Import Media File

Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Automation - Unlimited sending Tool - 4

Step 3 : Start Sending

Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Automation - Unlimited sending Tool - 5

Whatsapp Suite – WhatsApp Marketing Software is a bulk message sending program. It allows the users to send customized messages to their customers in real-time. Users can also enrich their messages by attaching mwdia within them. Whatsapp Marketing Software comes with an in-built filter and provides instant reports to its users, enabling them to view the performance of their messages. The software features an intuitive user interface and can be customized as per the requirement of the user.

how useful whatsapp suite for your business ?

Over 75% of people feel more connected to a brand if they use personalized Whatsapp Messaging. It makes WhatsApp marketing a bulletproof strategy for building long profound relationships with customers. Maintaining such a connection, in turn, Out of the box, WhatsApp Suite Marketing tool provides businesses with a robust set of opportunities for personalization. For instance, you can send personalized welcome messages, special offers, birthday congratulations, and so on. Such an approach keeps customers more engaged with a brand – over 70% of consumers say they engage only with personalized marketing messages.

Better sales

WhatsApp marketing works as a sort of magic wand for your sales. the regular campaign of the Whatsapp marketing through Whatsapp suite itself is able to increase your sales 10x times a proven marketing stratgy.

It seems like the opportunity to reach a brand through the whatsapp messaging app alone instills confidence in potential customers. At least 66% feel more optimistic about purchasing from a company if it is active on whatsapp Automation .

Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing Software

  • Anti-blocking Algorithm: The software features an enhanced anti-blocking algorithm, enabling its users to send customized messages in bulk without getting blocked in return. WhatsApp Marketing Software enables its users to customize the messages as per their requirements.

  • Filter out numbers: Users can filter out numbers from various WhatsApp groups with the help of the Contacts Extractor module provided by the software. They can even upload their own contact list.
  • Customization: WappBlaster WhatsApp broadcast software allows its users to customize their messages as per their business requirements. They can even add images, videos and texts as per their own choice.
  • Verifier Module: WappBlaster WhatsApp Marketing Software alerts its users about the numbers available in a group. This way, they prevent them from being spammed.
  • Controls: The software allows admins to control the speed, timing and subject matter of the text messages sent to potential customers.

Kindly checkout the software demo given below

Software Demo

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