Bindlex Social Traffic - Premium Edition - 1

Bindlex Social Traffic – Premium Edition is a Windows program capable of sending up to 100k social visits to your sites daily. The program is simple to use and is optimized to work even on low-end computers. Bindlex Social Traffic can be configured in detail for a delivery of quality site visits while maintaining a good performance on your PC. Bots have the ability to interact with your site by navigating internal pages, scrolling and doing click on pages. The software also lets you do manual clicks if the bots are set to be visible.

The product maintains a natural flow of visits. The volume of visitors will increase and decrease realistically over time.

With the Premium Edition version you can leave the program to fix itself in case of problems. If you put Refresh Time on it, it will stop and start automatically again after a while without you being on the PC and will make sure that things go as it should.


  • Send up to 100-150k visits daily on your site.
  • Import & Export saved configuration for each site.
  • Natural flow of visits.
  • Scroll on page.
  • On-page manual clicks.
  • Disable CSS/JS on page.
  • Automatically refresh the bots after a time.
  • Visit internal pages.
  • Schedule visits.
  • Set custom User Agents lists.
  • Click on page interaction.


  • You must have at least .NET Framework 4.8 Installed.
  • Processor : At least Intel Core i5-8400 @ 2.80GHz
  • RAM : At least 8,00 GB DDR4
  • System type : 64-bit

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