BAMSBUNG EA is a tool that can automate trading of Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities and CryptoCurrencies on the MT5 platform.


Summary of bamsbung Using the knowledge and experience since 2012 in the forex market and more than 7 years in the field of traders and programmers. We offer our customers about the extraordinary market opportunities. Our products and services consist of manual trading strategies and automated trading strategies.


Strategy. -Not many investors and traders have the right trading strategy. Most trading decisions are made impulsively and based on the current market situation, not backed by solid strategic reasons. Forex trading is no different than any other business decision!

So it needs to be checked well and think about using the trading strategy that best suits your needs as a trader. Bamsbung has a proven profitable strategy with Risk Reward 1 : 2-5.


Bamsbung EA features you need to know:.

►1. RISK MANAGEMENT>The risk of loss is more controlled.
A lot of EA’s for sale don’t pay attention to the risks in trading, and that’s very unreasonable and unrealistic!

►2.Made with the concept of AI, (artificial intelligence). Without using Averaging, Martingale, Hedging Strategies.
Our EA system behaves like professional traders, there is no trading strategy that harms the user’s account. There are advanced EA settings to deal with losses.

►3. Using the ratio of gain and loss.
In trading no system is 100% accurate for the long term. So our EA always uses Stoploss and a minimum risk reward of 2 times.

►4. TP and SL in pips percent and money.
This feature functions as an EA capable of controlling greed and doubt that is often ignored by humans.

►5. Lock in profits stealthily to maximize profits.
Functions to lock in profits, it’s like a trailing stop. But this is not a pure trailing stop because we have changed and set it with the EA system.

►6. Set open orders to adjust balance.
This feature is for automatic lot size according to the user’s deposit/balance, and of course the risk we want to take must be considered.

►7. Adopt followtrend, reversal and breakout techniques.
Our EA can identify 3 price movements, namely market trend, market reversal and breakout techniques.

►8. License code to protect the EA
In the pdf will know how to use and change the working code of the License with a unique number. This feature is suitable for you EA sellers and IB brokers to license to users.

►9. Scalping strategy
By taking a small profit, that is much easier than chasing a profit of 1000 points in a single trade (Not recomend for new user).


Bamsbung EA system provided by us will always show the target and level of loss to ensure proper money management.

Bamsbung EA prioritizes the safety of your capital to create consistent profits over the long term. Although our EA can make fantastic profits with extreme sets, it is not recommended for the long term.

Our EA is special for GBP / in PAIR VOLATILE. ( GBP/NZD, GBP/AUD, GBP/USD, GBP/JPY and XAU/USD). Especially For XAU/ USD and BTC/USD the parameters are different.


“If this EA is indeed profitable. Why do you bother selling EA source code? “

* That’s our right to sell and publish.
* I am sad to see EA sellers in many various media with expensive prices, but it is not realistic with what is being promoted which ends up harming users.
* All business activities need exchange.



This bamsbung EA for whom?

Experienced Traders
You are curious, is Bamsbung really more valid than the method you are using.

Trading investors and HedgeFunds
An investor who has no time in manual trading and is looking for a profitable trading Robot.

Seller EA and Developer EA
We open opportunities for those of you who want to sell more of my products. I feel very proud if my work can be useful for many people.


What do you get after buying?

Soruce code Bamsbung EA can editable.
PDF guide on coding functions and important functions in EA.
Direct help/support from me using Email and whatsapp.


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