This game is 2d Chess game that runs on Windows.

Game is written in python and uses pygame framework. It has 4 singleplayer difficulty levels training, easy, medium and hard. You can also play multiplayer offline.

It can easily be integrated with a database and a socket server and turned online.

The code is quite comprehensive and easily readable and you will be provided further help in user guide recommendation.

This game features various menus and sub-menus a simple but elegant and basic interface. Easy to navigate ofcourse. The code has a lot of potential so if you want to make it something better in future you can and also as I said you can integrate a server and database quite easily.

It has seven custom board options and two types of piece images to choose from.

You have an easy to navigate menu custom gameplay. AI is based on minimax algorithm. The whole code is written in python based framework pygame and some other supporting libraries from python. Compilation process is explaned in readme file.

1. 7 Types of chess boards to choose from.
2. 2 Types of piece textures to choose from.
3. 4 Difficulty Levels for AI.
4. Offline Multiplayer Gameplay.
5. Intricate design and Interface.
6. You can customize board and pieces during an ongoing game too.

Rest of the details are already provided in readme file.

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