This is Your Ultimate Epic Goldmine.

This is a giant bundle of MusicPremium?s 7 best epic tracks, remastered for the special occasion! More than 10 minutes of epic music, great for all your video-game, trailers, teasers, films, adds or documentaries and for an unbeatable price!

The main file contains:

  • Epic Evolution: 2:16
  • Your Epic Supremacy: 1:18
  • Epic Will Rise: 2:10
  • Epic Celtic Theme: 1:23
  • The Epic Awaken: 0:45
  • Your Loopable Epic Action: 1:50
  • Epic Enigmatik Theme: 1:20

  • VideoHive authors, let’s do magic together! Get inspired by browsing my portfolio or by using The Finder, a new tool to find exactly what you need. Just click on the tag you want, and voilà! And if you need an extra version to fit exactly to your project, feel free to contact me anytime!

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