This unique pack of short vocals offers a wide range of different genres and moods, which can be utilized for a huge assortment of project, from movies, commercials, websites, and more.

These vocal shorts include all-male vocals with different styles from African A’Cappella, the old Barbershop Quartets from the 1890’s, 1950’s Doo Wops, Middle Eastern Vocals, and a short, zippy cajun-styled Zydeco song.

1. African Short Song: 0:34
2. Barbershop Quartet Short: 0:32
3. 1950's Doo Wop: 0:32
4. Short Gregorian Chant: 0:34
5. Middle East Vocal Short: 0:36
6. Zydeco: 0:19

Total Length: 3:06

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