The Studio Piano Pack contains 4 of my best piano tracks including my highest selling track ‘Passing Time’.

1. Passing Time (0:30) A bright, flowing and uplifting piano piece. Ideal backing for a montage or commercial.

2. Precious Memories (1:05) A sentimental piano piece which evokes feelings of hope, love and reflection. Perfect for image galleries or projects related to those special moments in life.
Two versions are included, one with solo piano and the other with accompaniment of cello and violins.

3. Contemplation (1:14) A gentle, short piano track evoking feelings of thought and quiet contemplation. Ideal backing for a project or presentation displaying photographs and memories.

4. Sweet Serenade (2:15) A waltz style ballad in 3/4 timing which takes you back to days gone by when a girl would be wooed with a romantic ballad. The feeling of the song is lifted with the first repeat of the chorus when strings accompany the main piano melody. All versions from the original track are included.

  1. Passing Time – 0:30
  2. Precious Memories – 1:05 (0:30 in preview)
  3. Contemplation – 1:14 (1:34 in preview)
  4. Sweet Serenade – 2:15 (2:49 in preview)

All tracks are available in high quality WAV and MP3

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