Save money on this great selection of five inspirational and corporate tracks.

Includes: 1.Azure, 2:22 (0:00 – 2:22 in preview) 2. A Brighter Tomorrow, 2:17 (2:23 – 4:39 in preview) 3. Triumph, 2:51 (4:40 – 7:31 in preview) 4. Everyday Success, 2:05 (7:32 – 9:37 in preview) 5. Innovative Ideas, 1:32 (9:38 – 11:10 in preview)

Track Descriptions:

“Azure” is an upbeat, relaxing, and smooth. Inspiring corporate/movitational track with enough melody and emotion to make an impression without calling too much attention to itself.

“A Brighter Tomorrow” is a positive and motivational track with a catchy beginning and inspirational finish.

“Triumph” begins thoughtful and introspective, but not long after becomes very high energy and uplifting. Highly optimistic and positive piece.

“Everyday Success” features a smooth and upbeat piano melody accompanied by strings, synths, and drums. Sure to give your business the a positive and uplifting feel.

“Innovative Ideas” is a clear, modern, minimal orchestral music in the style often heard in today’s commercials and online product demonstrations and introductions. Perfect for tech, apps, websites and any other media needing a catchy and contemporary sound.

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