Partayyyy over here!! Save your money with this great pack containing three hot Hip-hop tracks:

Electric Wires (3:11)

This hot beat just keeps it poppin’!

An intense track driven by a powerful beat and a catchy bassline, supported by warm brass. A twitchy synth line gives it a bouncy feel. This piece is kept exciting all along with various breaks and FXs.

Let this explosive track deliver pure energy to your project!

Pumped Up (2:52) (preview starts at 3:11)

Groovy Hip-hop track featuring swelling organs, hot brass, punchy drums and a melodic flute line with an ethnic flavor. The instruments play together in a stop-and-go fashion, creating a wall-of-sound effect.

Get this powerful groove with a touch of soul and embolden your project!

Basement Ruckus (4:23) (preview starts at 6:04)

A heavy hip-hop track that will set your speakers on fire! Driven by a hot beat and a low bass from hell, with a catchy flute hook and punctuated by a clear glockenspiel phrase, this track efficiently delivers raw energy. Make your project roar, get it now!

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