Fight The Future
Tense Final Showdown
Sci-fi Thriller Trailer



This track is composed in the typical structure of trailer music and is in the style of action and science-fiction.

It starts off with a slow buildup with primarily orchestral instruments and some glitchy drums, this gradually builds up with a soft choir humming away in the background.

Then at 0:38, there is a shift in the style of the music, where the music is heavily edited/processed orchestra playing along with drums. This style gradually builds to 0:59, where all hell breaks loose, and the brass and choir let rip to the end. The last part of the track has a single bass riff, and this is closed out by a big slam to signify the end.

This will be incredibly useful for anyone putting together promos or commercials or trailers. It might also be useful in a video-game.

This track is used in The GlitchWorks – Digital Distortions.

The Glitchworks” from Dual Digital.


A cinematic track with a heavy element of rock, as has been the trend in many cinematic trailers in 2011.

This track features booming aggressive orchestral drums as well as a rock drum kit. It also has very fast punctuating and aggressive strings while a searing guitar lead does its thing over the top.

The track starts from (relative) quietness, and just continues to grow in volume and intensity right through until the end, where all that tension is released.

The way this track is structured makes it very suitable for trailers and promos or finishing sections of trailers.


A modern, futuristic, pulsing trailer finisher track. It constantly builds in intensity while having sounds that one could derive from a 21st century soundscape. Bleeps, blips and blops combine with techno drums and strong bass throbbing to culminate in a powerful track that fits well with the sci-fi thriller genre.

4. UPRISING – Full track, 1:39. Short Edit, 0:49

This track is designed to fit a scary/zombie/horror-inspired apocalyptic trailer. The opening of the track is just a long buildup of tension which releases into an explosion of heavy synths, bass and drums. This tension is then built up again in a similar style. A frantic ending brings the piece to a climax, and the climax is followed by a very creepy out-of-tune piano playing a simple riff at the end (that could be the ‘hook’ for your project). The track closes with a stinger. This will be suitable for any project requiring something high-impact, powerful and most of all, dark!

This track is also included in the Videohive item Blacklight, and includes a shorter edit tied in with that item.


Tracks available in WAV and MP3 format.

Custom edits available on request.

Thanks for listening. I hope these tracks are useful for you.

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