Flying Ninjas
The Majesty Of Earth
Battle In Asia


1. FLYING NINJAS – 1:14 fast version, 1:08 slow version.

A short but fun track which I wanted to write with a Japanese theme. The focus of this track is to emphasize the fun part of being a ninja (quick movements and pace, etc…) and matching that with some traditional Japanese music mixed in with a bit of cinema as well.

There are 2 versions of the track, a fast more ‘ninja-like’ version (1:14 in length, 130 BPM), and a slower version (1:08 in length, 65 BPM) – which could for example represent the ninjas moving in slow-motion. Both of these tracks loop seamlessly.

Obviously this track would be suited for anything with an Asian flavour. Hope you enjoy it.

2. BABYLONIA – 1:04

A piece of epic trailer music with a Middle-Eastern theme. It is mainly the wailing ethnic vocal that achieves this, but also some of the esoteric percussion and harmonies contribute to this as well.

This track is designed for trailers and promotional material, but also might work well in a video-game or film as well.

3. THE MAJESTY OF EARTH (full track & 4 edits) – 4:27

Youtube Promo (made with Videohive stock footage)

Click here to see/watch the inspiration behind this track.


I made this track because I’d watched a bunch of documentaries recently about our planet, and was inspired after watching them. The music I made as a result has a huge range of emotions and feelings and hopefully conjures up totally different images at many different times. While the whole piece of music has a consistent large and epic sound, the first half focuses slightly more on a technological sound, whereas the second half is more organic.

There are so many elements to this music that in addition to the full track, you get a bunch of different edits to help piece together your project. These edits break down the piece into something that can be a bit more manageable. They are described below.

In summary, if you want a piece of music that captures a huge range of emotions and feelings and that could fit into different kinds of projects, both short and long, and want something that is very high impact, this track would be a good choice.

TRACK SPECIFICS (what’s included)

1) The Majesty Of Earth – FULL

Description: The full version of the track, unedited.

Length: 4:28

2) The Majesty Of Earth – DRUM BUILD

Description: An intense and short drum track. Great for high intensity trailers, or for having a ‘musical’ break in a longer form of video. Could also work for video-games or film action sequences.

Length: 0:47

3) The Majesty Of Earth – MAGICAL LOOP

Description: A seamless loop of the softest part of the full track, very useful if you wanted to extend that. Also good for background music for websites and/or presentations.

Length: 0:38

4) The Majesty Of Earth – 60s EDIT

Description: An edit of the most intense part of the piece with a slightly amended ending to fit into a 60 second time period. A lot of commercials / trailers these days, especially for television require 60 second editings, so this would be an appropriate track to choose for that instead of editing yourself.

Length: 1:00

5) The Majesty Of Earth – FIRST HALF EDIT

Description: A simple edit of the first half of the track. In the full version the 1st half blends into the 2nd half, so a clean edit is not possible. With this edit, it is now possible.

4. BATTLE IN ASIA – 5:50

This track is one which ebbs and flows and follows the dynamics of what might happen in battle. Slower parts, faster parts, quieter parts, louder parts. What specifically characterizes this track though, is the instrumentation, which is almost exclusively of Asian origin. A lot of the instruments are played with an improvisatory feel (most specifically the plucked instruments such as the koto and shamisen that play at various intervals throughout the track). At it’s core, this track is a battle track, as you can hear in the heavy percussion, but you will find that the softer sections, if edited well, can fit multiple other styles of production too. I hope you can find a use for it!


Tracks available in WAV and MP3 format.

Custom edits available on request.

Thanks for listening. I hope these tracks are useful for you.

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