Upbeat Indie Kit - 1

Upbeat Indie is a positive and uplifting Indie Pop Rock track with an uplifting and catchy guitar vibe, bright percussion, punchy drums, crystal bells and nice and smooth development. Ideally suits any creative media project including motivational advertising, commercials, inspiring road trip movies, presentations, youtube videos, fashion blogs and many others.

Based on my original AudioJungle item: Upbeat Indie

The sections in this kit:

01_Intro (0:14)

The natural intro with no fading in crash for seamless repeating

02_Intro_Transition (0:14)

The natural intro with a crash for a single use

03_IntroBridge (0:14)

A bridge with the intro melody and drum kit playing

04_Chorus_Half_1 (0:14)

The first, lighter chorus cut in half – for seamless repeating, no drum breaks

05_Chorus_Half_2 (0:14)

The lighter chorus, 2nd half with a drum break in the end

06_Verse (0:27)

The full verse

07_Verse_Half_NoPiano (0:14)

The verse cut in half with piano removed for seamless repeating

08_BigChorus_Half_1 (0:14)

The richer chorus with different hihat groove, cut in half , no drum breaks, for repeats

09_BigChorus_Half_2 (0:14)

The richer chorus, cut in half, with a drum break in the end – mostly single use

10_BigChorus_Half_2_Alt (0:14)

An alternative chorus ending with changed percussion – may be used as an ending

11_Ending_Lead (0:14)

The verse with no drum kit, lighter percussion and hand claps – linking to the end or between the parts

12_Ending_Shot (0:03)

The natural ending of the track, single note

Demo Track

The demo is made of sections 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12

Thank you for purchasing my music and all the best with your project!

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