About Royalty Free Inspirational Orchestra Kit

Inspirational Orchestra – is an uplifting and inspirational advertising background wit uplifting classical strings. I used staccato and pizzicato for violins arpeggio. Soft piano, airy pads and choir plays supporting role in the composition
I mixed a lot of different instruments to make the groove of this track uplifting and positive and to give your media projects unique inspirational sound of success.
Classical orchestral string section consists of well layered legato cellos, violas and violins. In combination with Cellos it’s a great solution to convey the atmosphere of confidence and big achievements.
Possible ways where you can use my music are: YouTube backgrounds, slideshow presentations, podcast or introduction music, documentary underscore and many more.

Based on my original AudioJungle item:

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List of files included in this music kit:

01_Intro1 (0:08)

Pizzicato strings only
Same pizzicato part with gentle piano melody
Violins pizzicato, 2nd Violins staccato, Cellos pizzicato, Grand Piano, Pad
Same verse part with additional staccato strings and pads for deeper mood
Long legato strings, spiccato and staccato strings for chorus melody, piano, pads
Chorus version for outro. Less dynamics. Automation on reverbs goes down.

Demo 01 (1:31)

Demo 02 (0:50)

Demo 03 (0:58)

Music You Need to Hear

06_ChorusOutro (0:19)

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