Happy Upbeat Kit - 1
A MUSIC KIT, based on this original composition, Happy Upbeat

Positive and joyful track with acoustic guitars, piano, banjo, ukulele, whistle, and acoustic drums.
Great for any media project that needs positive and dynamic vibes, commercials, corporate presentation, YouTube project, slideshow, website and more.
This Music Kits include 2 matching sets of song section audio files:

1. One with tails (full natural endings),

2. And one without tails (trimmed on the beat).

3. 3 ready-to-use demos.

Each part of this kit was carefully prepared for a perfect assembly without any click or rhythm issues. All audio files are provided as high quality WAV (44.1 kHz / 16-bit).


01_Intro_Part1 (0:09)

02_Intro_Part2 (0:09)

03_Intro_Part3 (0:09)

04_Intro_Par4 (0:09)

05_Verse 1_ Part1 (0:09)

06_Verse 1_ Part2 (0:09)

07_Percus_ Part1 (0:05)

08_Percus_ Part2 (0:02)

09_Percus_ Part3 (0:02)

10_Bridge (0:19)

11_Verse2_ Part1 (0:09)

12_Verse2_ Part2 (0:09)

13_Verse3_ Part3 (0:09)

14_BackToIntro (0:07)

15_TheEnd (0:04)

DEMOS: (all demos were made only by drag-and-drop the no-tail sections, without any further action)

1. DEMO1_Happy Upbeat_main version (2:09)

2. DEMO2_Happy Upbeat_1m30version (1:30)

3. DEMO3_Happy Upbeat_ 0.30version (0:30)


DEMO1_Happy Upbeat_main version: 1_2_3_4_5_6_7_8_9_10_11_12_13_14_15

DEMO2_Happy Upbeat_1m30version : 1_3_4_5_6_9_13_14_15

DEMO3_Happy Upbeat_ 0.30version: 4_5_14_15

Alternative version to try out:

Happy Upbeat- 0.60version : 1_2_5_6_13_14_15

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