Music Kit based on my cinematic track Epic Massive Trailer, which can be found here

Epic Massive Trailer is a powerful hybrid cinematic track, in the style of Audiomachine and Two Steps From Hell, perfect for your epic trailers and promo videos.

What’s Inside this Kit

19 no tails track sections. Use these sections to quickly arrange a rough guide track.
19 tails track sections. These sections have a natural ending for smooth transitions in your final result.
3 demo tracks made with tails sections, ready to use in your project if they match your desired arrangement and length.

Tempo: 96 BPM

Demo Tracks

I’ve quickly built three demo tracks using the Tails sections in different order.

Demo1_Main (1:21) Tails Sections used: 01; 02; 07; 09; 16; 18; 19
Demo2_Short (0:31) Tails Sections used: 05; 06; 19
Demo3_Intro (0:26) Tails Sections used: 09; 13; 14; 19

Track Sections Included (both Tail and No Tail)

01_Intro (0:10)
02_Section1 (0:10)
03_Section2 (0:10)
04_Section3 (0:10)
05_Section2_NoStrings (0:10)
06_Section3_NoStrings (0:10
07_LongRisingSection (0:20)
08_LongRisingSection_NoStrings (0:20)
09_Break (0:05)
10_Break_NoFx (0:05)
11_Section4 (0:05)
12_Section5 (0:05)
13_Section6 (0:05)
14_Section7 (0:05)
15_Section7_NoFx (0:05)
16_LongRisingSection2 (0:20)
17_LongRisingSection2_NoEndFx (0:20)
18_Outro (0:05)
19_End (0:05)

Working with Music Kits is easy:

Watch my Tutorial on YouTube

First, snap the No Tails sections of your choice in your video or audio editing software. If you are working with a video editing software, make sure the magnetic snap is activated.
When you’re happy with your guide track, just line up the corresponding Tails versions and mute the No Tails guide track.
Now you have your customized track with smooth transitions ready for the export

Drop me a line via the contact box in my profile page if you have any doubt or question.

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