Cooking Motivational Ukelele

Cooking Motivational Ukelele – happy and joyful ukulele track with claps, percussion, acoustic guitars and bells. Great for all happy, joyful and motivational projects, happy video, funny videos or any other type of media projects.

Based on my original AudioJungle item: Inspiring & Upbeat Funny Happy Kids Music

Cooking Motivational Ukelele preview:

  1. Demo_01 (2:26)
  2. Demo_02 (1:44)
  3. Demo_03 (0:44)

Song Sections

  • 01_Intro (0:14) Ukulele, guitar, percussion, piano and claps introduction section part
  • 02_Verse_bell (0:14) Adding bells melody
  • 03_Verse_whistle (0:14) Adding whistle melody
  • 04_Bridge_ukulele (0:14) Bridge section based on ukulele main theme
  • 05_Chorus_Melody1 (0:14) Chorus section with whistle melody
  • 06_Chorus_Melody2 (0:14) Chorus with whistle melody variation
  • 07_Bridge2_Ukulele (0:14) Bridge section variation
  • 08_Chorus2_Melody (0:14) Chorus2 with whistle melody
  • 09_Chorus2_MelodyVariation (0:14) Chorus2 with whistle melody variation
  • 10_Outro_Melody (0:19) Outro based on main ukulele theme with final chord hit

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Cooking Motivational Ukelele

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