Some time ago I was looking for some inspiration for web site. I had hosting services in my mind. I was naughty and I went to competitors of envato. The old ones … they are expensive and little bit overloaded with flash, even if its “normal” website – top part contains menu and some nice graphics is always made using flash technology. However … some of them had a nice short audio logo. Different styles – electronic, jazz or kind of dance (yep … like you could dance to 1 bar drums and echo at the end …). As I’m known from my Drum and Bass media loops (check my portfolio) I come up with dnb style. However – to make it more usable you’ve got two lengths – 10 sec (1 bar) and 12 sec (2 bars) with nice chords and strong accent at the end.

Just listen … I don’t want to spend more time describing this than I spend producing it )” title=” :)” />

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Nice house loop – Take it Easy

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