Syfy Displacement Shader H_001 l


[ 2 Bitmap and Procedural Based Shader ]

1 Displacement map
1 Luminance Map

Seamless 5359* 5359 tif image and c4d file (R15)
Shader can be overlayed on any other Shader
Map can be layered with procedural effects
Map can be used with Displacer
Map can be used with any Soft supporting Displacement Map

Render with matprev_env.hdr from c4d materialpreview folder

IBL, GI and AO Render

Syfy Shader_001 l NatLum
Syfy Shader_001 l’ NatLum
Syfy Shader_001 l Lum NatLum
Syfy Shader_001 l’ Lum NatLum

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