[ 1 Bitmap and Procedural Based Shader ]

1 Color map/Specular Color
1 Diffusion map
1 Reflection map
1 Bump map
1 Displacement map

Seamless 4096*4096 tif images and c4d file (R15)
Map can be layered with procedural effects
Map can be used with any Soft supporting Displacement Map

Render with matprev_env.hdr from c4d materialpreview folder

IBL, GI and AO Render

Concrete Polish_0030 NatLum
Concrete Unpolish_0030 NatLum
Concrete Varnish_0030 NatLum
Concrete Polish_0030 ArtLum
Concrete Unpolish_0030 ArtLum
Concrete Varnish_0030 ArtLum

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